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Beyonce On The Run Tour Tickets!

Sooooo I have 2 tickets for the Baltimore show that I need to get rid of.. I bought them on ticketmaster but they were re-sale tickets.. Section 147 row 39 seats 10 & 11… My friend ended up getting us better seats for cheaper! If anyone wants me to sell the other pair to them I will be more than happy to! I bought them $337 a piece, it will be easier to just transfer them to you on ticket master! That’s how much I paid, I’m not adding anything extra simply because I’m a true BeyoncΓ© fan and I know how hard it is to get tickets! And by the looks of other re-sale ticket prices on ticketmaster, this is really good! I tried re-selling them on ticketmaster but the fees would make you spend more! So let me know who wants them!!

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My killer workout my trainer sent me the week before! Sorry for the delay!! Since I did it at home I ran up and down the stairs in my basement for 15mins instead of the treadmill !!



😰😰😰😰 Worked out at home today !! My trainer gave me a killer workout !! I’m tired and energized at the same time 😫!! Summer is almost here people, let’s work!!
Who wants the workout I did today!?


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